Why I Doula

I’m a doula because the experience and outcomes of birth matter in the short- and long-term.  I hope parents to start their parenting journeys feeling empowered, respected, and championed.  I want more stories of transformative, affirming births rather than stories that leave parents struggling through trauma, confusion, or regret.  

I enjoy helping people think through what comfort measures will be meaningful, practical, and effective during their birth.  Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual preparation in the prenatal months contribute to a positive birth story and outcomes.  I want to help you know you are strong, capable, and able to give birth- that you trust yourself to move through labor, advocate, and make the choices that are right for you and your baby!

I believe physiological influences like movement, nutrition, a regulated nervous system, ability to intuitively choose positions, and the presence or touch of another human are powerful in the birthing space.  Even in medicated births, all of these factors are important to help parents move through birth in a meaningful way.  Bodies are amazing and should be allowed to “do their thing” whenever possible.

I’m a doula because parents benefit from prenatal education and the knowledge gained gives confidence and informs decisions that will be made before and during birth.  Parents get to hear real-life stories about what birth is commonly like in their chosen place of birth and know what options will and will not easily be available to them.


There is something about birth that draws me in… partially because of my desire to help people but also because of the awe and mystery and miracle of each birth. Every birth is sacred and transformational; vulnerable and remarkable.  I love witnessing each family’s birth story- to help families process, to celebrate with, to validate, and to help parents remember parts of their birth that would have otherwise been forgotten.

I like to help families intentionally reflect on their values and pursue the birth they want. I’m also comfortable holding space for the unknown while getting information to help normalize or make decisions. We go through advocacy tools, writing a birth plan, and tips for communication with providers. Partners are included in the preparation and practice so they gain confidence too!

Evidence Base Birth® covers the statistics that support the benefits of having a doula in their Evidence on: Doulas page. Check it out for the general statistics that show how having a doula benefits families.