Investment Packages

Your investment includes: 

  • Unlimited email, text, and phone support throughout pregnancy
  • Two prenatal meetings around 30 and 36 weeks. Topics covered may include:
    • An opportunity for you to become more comfortable with me and for me to find out about you so I can serve you best
    • Thorough discussion of your questions or concerns
    • Review of and help with (if requested) a birth plan to give to your caregiver
    • Going over exercises and practices that can be done prenatally to help with pregnancy and even labor
    • Presentation and practice of comfort measures to use during labor and delivery
    • Respectful education about choices you have
    • A list of ideas for the earlier stages of labor to help ease discomfort
    • Help determining what to pack
    • Breastfeeding information, questions, and answers
    • Postpartum ideas, information, and resources
  • One virtual group enrichment
    • Topics covered include: birthing positions, protecting the perineum, advocacy, postpartum healing, and education about maternal and fetal positioning
    • Offered every 6-8 weeks
  • On-call support starting at week 37* until after baby’s arrival
    • I will attend your birth before 37 weeks if I’m in town.  This point means that the priority in my schedule is to attend your birth and I do not make travel plans during this time unless I’ve communicated otherwise during our first free meeting.  Whether I travel or not, I always have back-up doulas in the wings to provide care in the event that I’m ill or at another birth.
  • Calming and engaged support during labor and delivery
  • Photos taken during labor and delivery as desired
  • Detailed notes taken and typed up for you
  • One postpartum in-home visit
    • This visit gives you an opportunity to process your birth, ask questions, and give feedback.  We can talk about basic baby care and field breastfeeding questions.  This visit can be done anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks after birth.
  • Continued postpartum help and communication when you need support, a question answered, or another postpartum resource

Package A Payment Schedule

$750 paid as a retainer fee; $750 due by the the 36th week of pregnancy

Your investment includes:

  • Everything outlined in Package A
  • One, two-hour prenatal pelvic floor physical therapy visit with Sarah Knight, PT, DPT
    • Sarah currently sees patients out of Studio 6 in Hopkins. Package B payments will be made to Laura and scheduling will be done directly with Sarah.  Any follow-up PT appointments with Sarah will incur an additional payment made to Sarah.  Sarah does not attend the initial meeting nor either of the prenatals with Laura.

Package B Payment Schedule

$1050 paid as a retainer fee; $750 due by the the 36th week of pregnancy

Your first payment and an agreed upon signed contract secures your due date.

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“Through a long, difficult labor Laura stuck with us the whole time and always made us feel supported. Laura’s reassuring nature and calming presence was so comforting and encouraging for myself and my husband. She consistently provided helpful suggestions, encouragement, and made us feel empowered to make informed decisions.”

{Caitlin D}