Kind Words

“Working with Laura was one of the best decisions my wife and I made in advance of our son’s birth.  At first, getting a doula was definitely more my wife’s idea than mine.  I wasn’t against it, but it seemed like something extra that I didn’t need and probably wouldn’t like.  But my wife wanted one, she would be doing all the work during the birth, and doulas are mostly for moms anyway, so it didn’t really matter what I thought about it.  

I was wrong.  During the birth, Laura was as much of a resource for me as she was for my wife.  I was surprised at how much of a difference it made. My wife and I were prepared – we read multiple books, took a birthing class, had our bags packed, etc., but once we got to the hospital that all slipped away. My wife was consumed by labor pains and all I cared about was that she and our baby were going to be all right. Laura knew just what to do.  She helped my wife work through her labor pains, had good suggestions on positions and pain relief, and helped us know what was normal (and not).  For example, Laura expressed concern when my wife’s epidural was not working as it should, which allowed us to raise the issue with the hospital staff and get the issue corrected.  Other times, she stayed with my wife so I could eat or take a brief nap, which you don’t think you’ll need but you do.  She took the pressure off of me so that I could just focus on being there for my wife.

I can’t recommend Laura enough.  She had the confidence that comes with experience, got along great with our doctor and nurses, and didn’t impose her own preferences on us.  She is warm, kind, patient, and really cares about making sure that you have a good birth.  We are so grateful for her help delivering our healthy baby boy.

{Alan I}

“From the moment she arrived until our son was born we both felt so supported and taken care of. She was at my side the entire time–rubbing my back, giving words of encouragement, offering me honeysticks and hydration to keep me going through labor. Not only did she provide me support, but made sure Ryne was taken care of as well and offering him breaks if needed throughout labor. When telling our birth story Ryne is sure to tell everyone how amazing Laura was that we couldn’t have done it without her. We joke that he may have even benefited more from having a doula and he would pay any amount of money to have her for another birth. Laura helped me bring my baby boy into this world and helped me achieve the birth I wanted and I am forever grateful for her!”

{Krista D}

“I enthusiastically recommend Laura’s birth doula services to anyone giving birth. Laura was invaluable in my second birth and any birthing person would benefit greatly from having Laura by their side.

My first birth three years ago was doula assisted, although not by Laura. After learning what birth is really like I also learned what I really needed from a doula. For my second birth I was seeking a doula with experience, education, strength, confidence, as well as compassion and care. I wanted a doula who had special experience and training in fetal and maternal positioning as well as pelvic floor considerations. I wanted a doula whose practice was evidence based and could share that knowledge with me as well as assert that knowledge in the birth setting. Laura is all of these things. 

Laura’s intake process is incredibly thoughtful and detailed and sets up the client for very informative and helpful prenatal meetings. In my case, she helped guide me through movement and positions for laboring at home to help me feel more prepared as well as providing helpful resources in the prenatal period. She was in touch with me as much as I needed before labor.

On the day of my labor she helped me feel confident and calm as I labored at home. Once we got to the hospital her assistance and presence was invaluable. She was calm and collected and made me feel instantly at ease and more confident in all the chaos of the hospital. She made sure the birth team was aware of my birth wishes. She anticipated my needs before I did. She acted as my voice when I could not. I felt so confident that Laura understood my birth wishes and the birthing process.

Laura’s years of experience, education and certifications, and calm compassionate nature all came together to assist in a much better birth experience than my first. I am deeply appreciative of Laura.

{Annie B}

“I will be forever grateful to Laura for supporting my husband and me before and during the birth of my second baby. Throughout all of our pre-birth meetings, Laura brought a calm, confident, and professional demeanor and was highly attuned to mine and my husband’s needs. She clearly had a wealth of knowledge and resources, but but listened closely to what we were most interested in as second-time parents and shared only ideas and tools that were relevant to us. I had been induced for my first labor so was new to the experience of a spontaneous start, and Laura provided great reassurance via text as we navigated that uncertain early labor stage. She was also an invaluable presence at the hospital. I was having really close-together intense contractions and feeling frantic as she arrived, and she jumped in to offer reassurance and encouragement and really practical comfort measures (I was hot and sweating and she had a fan!) that helped me re-center and keep it together until I was able to get an epidural. I had a long, difficult pushing stage, and I truly believe Laura made all the difference in helping me have a successful vaginal birth by advocating with my provider to have me try pushing in different positions. In the hours and days after the birth, she offered really helpful emotional support and validation as I worked to process and integrate the beautiful and traumatic moments of the experience. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking a doula’s support for their pregnancy and birth.”

{Erin E}

“We chose to work with Laura after meeting her at a doula speed dating event. We opened up to her immediately and the way she responded made us feel very comfortable so we knew we would be in good hands if we worked with her. We loved that we could laugh with her – that was important to us…She really cares about the family she is working with and wants to get to know them and support them in the best way she can. I was impressed with how encouraging she was but also with how she validated our fears & feelings. As a parent herself she really “gets it”. Laura has a way of making you feel strong, at peace, and prepared (well… as prepared as you can be for birth and a new baby!). 

What we loved best about having a doula is that they are able to read the room and see what you need, maybe even before you know what that is. They know when to be vocal and hands on, but also when you need them to step back and give you space. They are very invested in the experience, in you and your partner/family, and the new baby that arrives. I still chat with Laura from time to time and am happy for the connection we made. If you need a doula, you cannot go wrong with Laura, she is an amazing choice (and person)!!”

{Megan C}

“I whole heartedly recommend Laura as your birth doula, truly look no further, Laura is a wonderful addition to your birth team. She was critical to mine as we went in thinking it would be a quick second labor and it ended up being anything but…Needless to say it was a lot to process and keep up with but Laura’s calm demeanor, reassuring statements, help with positioning along with amazing massage techniques, made it all the better. Her detailed notes and photos from our daughters birth are something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Plus, backing up to pregnancy, Laura was a wealth of knowledge in getting baby, my body and my mind ready for labor.”

{Jackie O}

“Laura was recommended by our midwife, and once my husband and I met her during our initial meeting we immediately knew we wanted her to be our doula. She put me at ease with her calm, confident, and attuned presence. Her style is both very professional yet personable and warm at the same time. During our prenatal visits, Laura took the time to truly get to know us as a couple: our values, fears, and excitements about welcoming a baby into our family. During my pregnancy, Laura periodically and consistently checked in with me by text or email and made me feel so supported during a hard bout of prenatal depression and anxiety. During the prenatal visits, I was also thankful for the way she connected with my husband and involved him fully in every aspect, which was really important to us as a couple. During my labor, Laura’s encouraging words are one of the few things that continue to stand out to me. She helped me trust my body and instincts during labor, made me feel powerful, and had an intangible soothing presence that added so much to my experience. She offered practical suggestions for pain management, kept me hydrated, and somehow even infused gentle humor into stressful moments. When I think back to my birth, I feel proud, strong, and powerful, and I know a large part of that is how supported I felt by Laura. I can’t imagine not having her at my future births and she feels like part of our family. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!”

{Katie D}

“I had a wonderful birth experience with Laura in the fall of 2016. My husband and I decided to work with Laura because we felt comfortable wit her calm and intelligent demeanor almost instantly! She made us feel empowered as a team and capable of bringing our baby into the world.
At 34 weeks we found out that our son was breech. Laura provided emotional support as I grappled with the possibility (and eventual reality) of a cesarean birth instead of an unmedicated natural birth. Laura helped us find information about baby flipping, and even attended my ECV where an OB tried to flip our baby head down. It was SO valuable for us to have her at the ECV! She had a calm and peaceful presence and helped both of us stay grounded before, during, and after the procedure. She also helped us with questions to ask the OB as the cesarean was put on the calendar.
Laura attended our son’s birth via cesarean section at the end of November. The two hours between arriving at the hospital and the procedure beginning were extremely stressful for me and I can’t imagine how Luke and I would have gotten through it without Laura with us and on our team. During the surgery Laura took AMAZING pictures that I am incredibly grateful to have! Luke was free to support me completely with Laura supporting both of us. Laura stayed with us in the recovery room and was very helpful as we started breastfeeding. She is knowledgeable, gentle, and knows when to step in and when to hold back. The postpartum visit with Laura was a lifesaver on our first night home from the hospital. She helped us settle in and feel capable of beginning our new family at home when we were feeling extremely daunted.
I would highly recommend working with Laura!”

{Laura O}

“I had a great birthing experience with Laura. She helped me achieve my goal of having an unmedicated birth. I was going to be alone during labor so I decided to get a doula for support and I must admit Laura provided all the support I needed. She supported me emotionally and physically and in every other possible way. She motivated me every step of the way and was constantly analyzing my situation and offering options that made me more comfortable. I was so scared when I started shivering, she gave me a really tight hug and reassured that it was normal.

I wouldn’t have asked any more of her. I can go on and on about stuff she did but the summary is that she was just SUPER AMAZING and I’m really glad I worked with her.”

{Tamunomiete A}

“When my wife and I found out we were pregnant we found out there were many decisions to make. Where would we have the baby at? Who would be our doctor? Where were we going to do birth classes? And the list goes on. Then the conversation turned to the topic of the doula. We both decided that we wanted one and that we would see if we find someone who lined up with our values and had a passion for her profession. My wife and I looked at a list of doula’s separately and came back to each other with our respective choices on who we’d choose. We both chose Laura. And I must say that it was a fantastic decision.
Laura’s passion for the mothers and babies who she works with is incredible. Her knowledge about childbirth is expansive and we felt the love she has for both mother and child. When the day came for our son to enter the world, Laura was there. She came with a heart full of love and a body full of energy and helped my wife tremendously. (Her presence gave me a break too!) There were times during the labor when I wondered what we would have done without her. Now after the labor I realize that we lucked out with our choice of Laura. She’s a rock. She’s the kind of person you feel comfortable with and you know that you can trust her suggestions during the labor (as she has four children of her own!).
Laura Griffis exceeded all of our expectations and we will forever be grateful for her. We’re thankful for everything she did for us throughout the process and I know that if you decide to have Laura be your doula you will have the same feelings toward her that we do.”

{Brady L}

“Laura has been a solid source of support and guidance as my husband, Aaron, and I brought our first child, Lila, into the world and have been adjusting to coming parents. Her visits during the last weeks of my pregnancy helped us to prepare for labor, and she prompted us to think about things – like a game plan for dealing with my early labor and like nutrition and healing during the fourth trimester – in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise done.

At home, I was somewhat stalled, doing most of my contractions in the same position and refusing Aaron’s attempts to get me to move. When Laura arrived, her confidence and gentle persistence earned my compliance and after a couple of hours of laboring in different positions, it was time to drive to the birth center. I’m not sure we would have realized that I was ready to go in, given that my contractions never had a regular rhythm, and we were so glad to be able to trust Laura’s judgment that it was time to call the midwife.
At the birth center, I continued to be grateful for her presence and affirmations… (she) stayed by my side, always encouraging me.
I know not everyone is cut out to be a doula, but Laura has the perfect demeanor for this important role. She is gentle, caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful, supportive, and unobtrusive. I couldn’t recommend her more lightly.”

{Jessica C}

“I can’t imagine our pregnancy, labor, and birth without Laura as part of our team. She was incredibly supportive throughout the whole journey, making herself available to me at all times! She is knowledgeable about so many things, and for those questions she was unable to answer she was able to connect me with resources so that I felt confident to understand my experience. Laura was encouraging through all my ups and downs, lifting me up and never allowing me to doubt myself. When challenges arose in my labor, she helped me understand my options and make the best choice for me and my family. She helped me process through the hard parts and the disappointments that I faced due to those challenges so that I now only have positive associations connected to bringing my baby into the world.
My husband has a medical condition that prevented him from being present during the more intense parts of labor, and Laura made it a priority to make sure he was still able to experience and be part of the process, and the support she was able to provide both of us was full; neither of us felt anything lacking.
I originally felt slightly uncomfortable about paying a stranger to be my support system, but working with Laura never felt like she was anything less than family and friend!”

{Alicia G}