Training & Certifications

Trained in 2016 through DONA®, I fulfilled a decade long desire to be a doula.  Motivated and empowered me to get started as a birthworker!
Fifteen week deep dive into to anatomy and physiology of birth!  I learned a whole new set of tools to assist in position recommendations and tools for comfort to move through pregnancy and birth.  Smart, practical, and empowering content! Highly recommend BRM®’s prenatal exercise program!
My first in-depth look at an approach to childbirth that specifically look at how physiology, movements, and preparation of the mother can assist with fetal positioning and rotation during the birth.
Respecting at the mind-body connection, HypnoBirthing® families delve into how to attune themselves to relaxation techniques to help them move through labor. I’m certified in HypnoBirthing® support techniques. “When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing®
Education with your core and pelvic floor in mind!  Evidence-based and practical tools and knowledge gained to benefit families I work with.
Trained by Ann Gilligan in maternal and fetal positioning knowledge she accumulated for over 30 years and teaches in a concise, usable way with profound impact.
Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certificate ID: 01COEI1
I took steps to assist in unanticipated emergencies that clients or community members might experience.
The internship that got me started in the professional space of birth work!  I gained experience in all types of births in birth centers and hospitals.
Former Associate Member of this MN based organization 

I have experience attending births at homes, birth centers, and hospitals.  I’ve supported parents during vaginal, VBAC, and cesarean births as well as during unmedicated and medicated births.  I draw from my training, personal experience, and the knowledge from the greater birth community in the Twin Cities to serve the families I work with.

“If I didn’t like a suggestion or position, she quickly found other ways to support and encourage me. Her knowledge of which positions to try and what comfort measures to use was indispensable…My husband commented on Laura’s perseverance. He noted that when things got long and hard, Laura was the one person that stayed by us, continued to serve and offered words of affirmation and encouragement. Laura was so good at knowing when I needed soft words of encouragement and when I needed a bold push.”

{Doula Julia D}